For Legal & Compliance a standard approach using database recruiters is not good enough anymore.  In-depth knowledge of the business across disciplines and business sectors is critical. You need an independent search firm to assess the space and the integrity and quality of the pool of candidates, and be able to bring in new ideas from other countries to bring in true talent. A full knowledge of the space on a regional level is critical. Legal & Compliance should be the domain of an informed head-hunter. In other words Legal & Compliance Executive Search has come of age and this is what McGregor Boyall brings to the table.

Our Recent Successes

  • Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Corporate Finance
  • VP, Financial Crime Compliance Assurance
  • Head of Compliance, Singapore (International Bank)
  • Group Head of Assurance, Central Compliance
  • Head of Legal & Compliance, Risk Assessment
  • Regional Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption, North Asia