Eifion Jones

Eifion joined McGregor Boyall’s Singapore Team as a Senior Consultant in 2014, and is now an Associate Director with a Team of his own.

Eifion joined McGregor Boyall with 7 years recruitment experience in both the UK and Singapore. His focus has always been technology, starting out in the middle of the”.net boom”, and more recently  developing various niches within the security domain, mostly within financial services.

After working for a number of different agencies with varying experiences Eifion joined McGregor Boyall’s Singapore Team and believes it has been one of the best career choices he has made so far.

He admits it hasn’t always been easy and that no company is perfect, but Eifion believes McGregor Boyall has provided the key fundamentals for success, including an excellent peer group of solid subject matter experts who really enhance McGregor Boyall’s strong reputation in the market place.

Having gained two promotions in two years, Eifion is now an Associate Director building team of his own, with the knowledge that he has the full support of McGregor Boyall behind him.


Eifion Jones – Associate Director

“At McGregor Boyall I am surrounded by an excellent peer
group who bring a mature, collaborative approach to recruitment, along with
the solid subject matter expertise that reinforce McGregor Boyall’s strong repuration
in the market place. After joining as a Senior Consultant I am proud to have
achieved two promotions in just under two years. Now an Associate Director I am looking
forward to building my own successful team.”