Press Release - 2016 Market Insights Launched

McGregor Boyall reports that 54% of candidates will be looking for a new opportunity in 2016.

London, 8th February 2016: The latest Market Insights Report from global recruitment specialists McGregor Boyall suggests that businesses will have to do more in 2016 to retain their top talent. It looks set to be a tough year for employers with over 60% of clients surveyed believing there is a shortage of top talent and just over half of candidates stating that they are likely to be looking for a new role in 2016.

The Report also highlights that whilst remuneration will always be a key driver for candidates, having a good work life balance and flexible working opportunities are increasingly important, and employers that are able to offer these will be more likely to attract and retain the top talent.

Commenting on the report, Sarah Greensmith, Business Head for IT, HR and Procurement at McGregor Boyall said “We are now seeing up to 5 generations in the work place for the first time which is presenting interesting challenges for businesses. The question is, are businesses adaptable and flexible enough to meet the needs of their long serving employees whilst also appealing to the new generation of workers who have different expectations and ways of working?”

And while candidates still apply to organisations directly there is a strong preference for the security and additional support of utilising recruitment agencies, with 78% stating that would be their preferred method of sourcing their next opportunity. Using LinkedIn and Online Job boards came in second and third respectively.

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