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As a firm we are seeing an ever-increasing need for legal talent on a national and international basis.  Some of this demand remains a direct response to the regulatory aftershock of the last decade’s global financial crisis.  But we are also sensing that our clients are already preparing themselves for the possible effects of current or anticipated geopolitical developments.  The repercussions of Brexit are becoming a reality.  The possible trend towards economic protectionism shows no sign of abating.  At another level, the rules of the relationship between big tech and the individual are being re-written everywhere.

These developments are particularly affecting our core client base of financial organisations, large and small.  Whether on the sell-side or the buy-side, our clients are seeking in-house legal specialists who can help them steer their way not only through current regulatory environments but also through newer ones that are emerging. 

So if you have in-house experience gained in a financial services firm or relevant experience gained in private practice, please get in touch with us to see whether we can help you meet your career aspirations.


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