Asia Pacific Energy & Commodities -Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics is very much the skeleton of the downstream energy & commodities operations. Managing supply chain prices and developing a seamless transportation framework is key in delivery within this complex market.Coupled with the essential commercial knowledge and oversight, the ability to develop an efficient, reliable and cost effective system is what helps set the top players apart.

Here at McGregor Boyall we work across the Maritime industry, as the sector is a core factor
in the distribution of oil & gas, LNG, minerals and crops across the world. This strategic partnership requires an in-depth understanding of global market trends, consumer preferences and transnational movements.

Examples of recent placements include:
– VP Supply Chain
– Logistics Director
– Head of Ship Management
– Technical Services Manager
– General Manager Mining Operations
– Global Supply Chain Manager
– Supply Chain Director
– VP Supply Chain
– Regional Supply Chain manager