Treasury Analyst


Posted: 29/11/2017


Our Client's Treasury team has an exciting opportunity to support them to continue to be a strong customer focused bank that contributes to their local communities. We're looking for an ambitious treasury professional, with a 'can do attitude' who are interested in advancing their career in our Treasury Capital & Funding team.

The Treasury Analyst role encompasses 2 key areas of responsibility:

  • Responsibility for maintaining and developing the source data and other associated key spreadsheets used by Treasury to monitor and manage the bank's key risks such as Capital, Funding and Liquidity. The ability to develop, maintain and document spreadsheets, macros and other analytical/control aspects of Excel to industry best practice standards is a critical requirement of this role.
    * Responsibility for the provision of analytical support in managing and reporting the bank's key risks. This includes support for the formation and communication of all Treasury strategies in these areas and the implementation thereof.

This role is about....

  • Being responsible for ensuring that all the required data, forecasts and analysis are available to enable all capital, funding and liquidity compliance metrics (including regulatory) to be met, whilst balancing this with the cost to the bank, and for making recommendations in relation to these areas.
    * The development of spreadsheets, macros and other analytics tools in accordance with industry best practice to allow Treasury to meet its objectives of managing the bank's key risks in a cost-effective manner. The role holder is also expected to provide insight about future spreadsheet development.
    * The maintenance of existing spreadsheets and macros to ensure these remain fit for purpose and meet the evolving requirements of Treasury.
    * Maintaining the Treasury Spreadsheet Framework and periodic testing of certain spreadsheets and macros to ensure these continue to meet the requirements of the Bank's Spreadsheet Control and Model Risk Policies.
    * Preparation on a daily/monthly basis as required of the Bank's Funding, Liquidity and Capital positions/plans, ensuring the accuracy thereof.
    * Understanding and anticipating the regulatory impacts (e.g. PRA/Basel III) on the Liquidity, Funding and Capital positions and incorporation of these into Treasury's plans.
    * Collating the monthly Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO) report.
    * Being the 'go to person' within Treasury for all technical spreadsheet and macro related questions and issues.
    * Sharing knowledge and information proactively within Treasury, Risk and Finance.

We need you to haveā€¦.

  • Demonstrable experience of using MS Excel and MS Excel Visual Basic to an 'expert' level.
    * Previous experience of financial data enrichment and organisation, preferably in a financial services environment.
    * Experience and proven capabilities regarding the development, maintenance, testing, and documentation of spreadsheets including macros.
    * A good degree qualification in discipline such as computing, mathematics, engineering or physics where logic and numerical ability was a core part of the curriculum.
    * Strong interpersonal skills and an attention to detail.

We would like you to have....

  • Existing proven experience of working with financial models and is financially literate.
    * Experience of other programming/querying languages (e.g. SQL).
    * Treasury or other financial environment knowledge.
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