Marta Gronowska

Marta joined McGregor Boyall in 2013 to establish a Business Intelligence presence across financial services and commerce & industry.

Prior to joining, Marta knew of the company’s strong brand and market reputation and felt that it was the sort of organisation that would suit her abilities and personality. When Marta joined McGregor Boyall she had just returned from maternity leave so one of the other major selling points for her was the work-life balance that McGregor Boyall offered.

She loves having the freedom to run her own desk and manage her time without being heavily micro-managed, whilst still having the support of the management team. She feels that her opinion is valued and that she can truly affect how her desk grows. She believes that she has become more self-motivated as a result of having the responsibility and freedom to determine her own success.

Working at McGregor Boyall has given her a rewarding environment in which to flourish, she feels that there is trust placed in her and she not only wants to achieve her personal goals but also wants to ensure that she creates a successful Business Intelligence offering for the business.

Marta was promoted to Associate Director in May 2016 and runs a successful and established team of 4.

Marta Gronowska - Associate Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics

“By promoting a hardworking culture and a ‘can do’ attitude, mixed with a
good work-life balance, McGregor Boyall offers something different within the
recruitment industry. With the help and full support of management, as well as
the organisations’ prompt responses to external market conditions, McGregor
Boyall provides the perfect foundation to succeed and grow in recruitment.”