Celebrating 30 Years in Recruitment

  • May 21, 2018

McGregor Boyall celebrates 30 years in recruitment 

London, 2nd February 2017: Global recruitment specialist McGregor Boyall are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of excellence in recruitment this week, and will be running a series of events throughout the year to mark the occasion.

When McGregor Boyall first opened its doors in January 1987, many of its current employees hadn’t even been born. No internet, job boards or social media. It was all about the phone, sacks of envelopes and if you were lucky – a fax machine!

“In those days a fax machine was considered a real luxury” commented Group CEO and Founder Laurie Boyall. “and a phone strike meant that the business very nearly didn’t get off the ground at all!”

Fast-forward 30 years and McGregor Boyall is one of the UK’s leading independent recruitment businesses with three UK offices and two international offices servicing their global client base.  Add to this an impressive PSL list and extensive client base, McGregor Boyall is a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence in the recruitment space. So what is the key to such long standing success in an extremely challenging sector?

“Our secret is to respond quickly to change in the recruitment environment” said Boyall “Since our inception we have been committed to a flexible, high-quality, low-risk contingency-based operating model and we have firmly established ourselves as a trustworthy partner for both clients and candidates to turn to.”

Charlie Luckhoo, McGregor Boyall’s Director of Financial Services added “McGregor Boyall’s long standing success is certainly due, in part, to our ability to adapt to the ever changing recruitment landscape, but is also testament to Laurie who has steered the company through three recessions and continues to drive the business forward and embrace the challenges that inevitably come our way.”

McGregor Boyall will be marking this fantastic milestone throughout the year with a series of events and celebrations. In a sector that has seen thousands of companies come and go and different operating models impacting traditional recruitment agencies, to have not only survived, but to have grown into a truly respected and established business is certainly an achievement to be proud of!