Imagine a world without email. No mobile phones. Where fax machines ruled and landline was king: this is when it all began.

It was 1987, and the world of recruitment needed someone to uphold the relationship between client and candidate. Our founders rose to the challenge.

We understood that business was always moving and talented people further improving, so we became the change we wanted to see. We took on the big players, the deregulation of the financial industry, the Global Financial Crisis and rise of the digital age. We overcame challenge. We adjusted and pivoted. We remained resourceful and resilient. But above all else, we focused on quality.

We keep growing in London and have spread our wings across Singapore, Dubai, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow. And we’re not stopping there.

So, how do we consistently match candidate with client? Simply: quality. We honour the value of relationships. We work together. We’re always curious.

Our Values

Our culture is built on core values, these are demonstrated by each of our employees on a daily basis. These are not something we strive to achieve but something we live by.


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