Market-Leading FMCG Recruitment Services

At McGregor Boyall, we’ve built a strong reputation as an FMCG recruitment agency. For over three decades, we’ve been dedicated to delivering the talent that empowers businesses in FMCG jobs, no matter how complex the requirements are. So we're here to assist you if you’re looking for long-term staffing and contractor support or a partner that can plan and implement bespoke project-based solutions.

By its very nature, the fast-moving consumer goods industry is a sector that thrives on speed and efficiency. This is why we’ve worked hard to develop an expansive candidate network, allowing us to procure talented professionals and minimise business disruption quickly. 

From mid to senior-level hires, we can connect businesses with the experts that will drive their profitability and productivity, from business support to risk and compliance, human resources staff or the talent that can make an impact in FMCG sales jobs. 

Our offices across the UK & Europe, the Middle East, and North America regions mean we have a global reach. Our FMCG recruitment services are guided by our primary value: quality. We always aim to do recruitment better—minimising hiring time, ensuring that recruits are onboarded smoothly, and reducing staff turnover.

FMCG Recruitment Sub-specialisms

The FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector is a diverse industry that produces and distributes goods consumed frequently by people and encompasses a range of sub-sectors. These include food and beverage, personal care, home care, pet care and tobacco. Each sub-sector requires specialised knowledge and skills and offers a range of career opportunities across various fields, spanning many specialisms.

Our consultants source candidates within the FMCG industry across the UK & Europe, the Middle East and North America regions for our clients, many of whom have become long-term partners that have relied on our staffing and executive search solutions over our 36 years of work.

Our Recruitment Specialisms

McGregor Boyall offers versatile FMCG recruitment services, spanning various specialisms such as marketing, technology, and HR. Catering to organisations of all sizes, we focus on delivering exceptional recruitment solutions that secure top talent. We aim to help clients maintain and build a strong workforce that drives their business operations forward. So whether you’re searching for talent to support your organic outreach through FMCG marketing jobs or need a cyber security expert to safeguard your data, we can help connect you with a global pool of candidates.

Business Support

We hire professionals who provide administrative, operational, or managerial support to a company's core business functions. These functions include but are not limited to clerical and secretarial duties, data protection and executive support.

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Change & Transformation

We hire professionals who can lead or support organisational changes, transformations, and innovations. Change and transformation recruitment aims to identify and attract candidates with the skills and experience needed to drive change and achieve desired outcomes within an organisation.

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Compliance, Governance & Legal

We hire professionals who specialise in ensuring that a company complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as industry standards and best practices. This may involve hiring individuals to manage corporate governance, risk management, legal affairs, and compliance programmes.

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Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure

We hire professionals specialising in managing and maintaining a company's cloud computing infrastructure. This involves hiring cloud architects, DevOps engineers and infrastructure specialists with the necessary technical skills to support the organisation's infrastructure.

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Data & Analytics

We hire professionals specialising in collecting, analysing, and interpreting data to help organisations make informed business decisions. This involves hiring data scientists, business analysts, and other professionals with the necessary technical skills to support the organisation.

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Development & Testing

We hire professionals who specialise in software development and quality assurance testing. This involves hiring software developers, testers, QA engineers, and other professionals with the necessary technical skills and experience to support the organisation's software development division.

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Digital Marketing, Communications & Sales

We hire professionals who specialise in promoting a company's products or services through digital channels and developing and implementing communication strategies that enhance the company's brand reputation. This involves hiring digital marketing and communication professionals to support the company’s marketing goals.

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Finance, Accounting, Tax & Audit

We hire professionals specialising in managing a company's financial operations and ensuring it complies with all relevant accounting, tax, and audit requirements. This involves hiring accountants, financial analysts, tax professionals, auditors, and other professionals.

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Human Resources & Talent Management

We hire professionals specialising in managing an organisation's workforce and ensuring it has the necessary talent to meet its business objectives. This involves hiring HR business partners, talent acquisition specialists, culture and E,D&I leads, and employee relations professionals for organisations from diverse sectors.

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Information & Cyber Security

We hire professionals specialising in protecting an organisation's information and technology systems from cyber threats and attacks. This involves hiring information security analysts, cyber security engineers, penetration testers, and other professionals.

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Project & Programme Management

We hire professionals specialising in managing complex projects and programmes from initiation to closure. This involves hiring project managers, programme managers, project coordinators, and other professionals with the necessary skills and experience to support the organisation.

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Risk Management & Quantitative Analytics

We hire professionals specialising in identifying, analysing, and managing risks associated with a company’s operations, investments, and projects. This involves hiring risk managers, quantitative analysts, risk analysts, and other professionals with the necessary technical skills and experience.

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Why we’re the First Choice in FMCG Jobs

Since 1987, McGregor Boyall has been a leading talent delivery and executive search firm. We have established a strong reputation for our bespoke recruitment solutions in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, securing expert candidates for FMCG jobs across various business functions, from risk and compliance experts to the supply chain and data analytics professionals that ensure firms remain competitive.

We prioritise investing in our consultants, ensuring they have the latest expertise to provide exceptional service. We aim to help our partners achieve sustainable growth by identifying the talent that aligns with their short and long-term business needs.

Our Global Locations

We are headquartered in the City of London and have additional coverage across the UK & Europe, the Middle East and North America. We are able to provide our recruitment services globally.

Talent Solutions for FMCG Jobs

At McGregor Boyall, we are the go-to recruitment agency for hiring top talent across all industries, including FMCG jobs. With over 30 years of expertise, our team has built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional staffing solutions that meet our client's unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Enhance your Career with our FMCG Recruitment Services

Discover your next impactful role with McGregor Boyall. Our expert FMCG recruitment team specialises in connecting exceptional candidates with top opportunities covering various specialisms. Contact us today to start your search for the latest FMCG jobs and take the next step in your career. 

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